iPad Sleeve - Flowers

iPad Sleeve - Flowers

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The Linen and Paint iPad Sleeve is a fabulous way to store, transport and protect your iPad and iPad accessories. Available in 3 Ipad specific sizes. 

- Padded for security and the protection of your device. 

- Full zipper closure.

- Large enough to fit an iPad, phone and keys if travelling.

- Fully lined with 100% cotton. 

- Available in a range of prints and colours.

Fabulous Extras 

The iPad sleeve has an internal pocket for an large phone, a stylus or Apple Pencil compartment and storage for cords and earphones. 

Size Guide  

Mini IPad - Measure 18cm x 23cm 

Standard IPad  - Measures 25cm x 30cm

Large/Pro IPad - Measures 29cm x 35cm